linear art design

December 11, 2014


Loser List

May 23, 2013


April 12, 2013

                                             One Passion, One Love, One Dream . . . It was a regular old Monday, but only this Monday it was my birthday. I had woke up around 9:00 am. I was so excited it was time to go to the local BMX store. It took awhile to find the right bike, but finally I […]


March 5, 2013

pep talk

February 26, 2013

find order in all the worlds chaos dont stop believing pray be yourself because you are awesome  


February 26, 2013

in minecraft we are not working very fast because people are destroying theland in which we are building on we have so many repairs so yea


February 22, 2013

we are hard at work on or wall it is very hard because we are by the ocean so we have to fill in the ocean where we need land to build are houses on it will be very hard to do


February 15, 2013

Minecraft created by Notch. Notch is the creator of  Minecraft. Notch was born in Sweden.Minecraft  consist of animals such as cows chickens pigs mooshrooms cows also mobs like herobrine ender men ender dragon zombies creepers ghast zombie pigmen wither wither skeloton


February 8, 2013

My favorite sense is hearing for many reasons. One reason is because I couldn’t hear what people say.Two is because I could hear the crackling of a camp fire.Three is because I couldn’t hear The fired alarm or tornado alarm. My life would be different because I couldn’t hear any thing i can’t hear what […]


January 28, 2013

Jason Thayer Burns is my hero. He’s a great man for many reasons but mainly because of his determination and passion for what he loves. He’s a great family man, business man, musician but most important, my uncle. Jason Burns was born in Dallas, Texas but raised in Louisiana. He was always an independent person […]